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Results-centered laser skincare designed to help you put your best face forward

Our results-driven approach will bring you closer to your skincare goals faster. With our medically-delegated, safe, and effective laser technology, we believe that you can reverse the signs of aging in as little as one treatment. Our licensed laser technicians customize treatment plans based on skin type, skin texture and individual goals in order to help each client achieve confidence to put their best face forward at any age or life stage.


viva nanofractional treatment

Viva RF Resurfacing

Venus Viva™ is a non-surgical solution for skin resurfacing that corrects the signs of skin damage and improves the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, rosacea, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and pigmentation. 

Viva™ skin resurfacing treatments work with tiny pins that safely deliver heat via NanoFractional Radio Frequency into the skin’s surface, creating tiny micro-dermal wounds, which trigger the body to naturally heal itself. This process repairs signs of skin damage visible on the surface of the skin. 

Viva™ treatments are safe and suitable for all skin tones and patients can return to their daily skin care routine 24 hours after skin resurfacing treatments. Most patients receive 3-4 treatments per area for best results.


  • Acne scars, trauma scars, stretch marks
  • Enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, uneven skin texture
  • Rosacea and pigmentation

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photofacial treatment

Custom IPL PhotoFacial

Our customized IPL treatments are FDA-approved, non-invasive light treatments that penetrate the skin at filtered depths to target melanin or red blood cells. The intense-pulse-light technology minimizes and reverses the signs of aging, while treating an array of skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, including sun damage and age spots; vascular lesions, including broken capillaries and rosacea; as well as acne. The heat causes microtrauma to the dermis layer of the skin to tone, tighten, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Discoloration and pigmentation irregularities will dissolve and fade, leaving skin brighter and more even overall. 
The best candidate is someone who is a light to medium skintone with signs of discoloration or visible veins on their skin.  IPL can be performed on any area of the body.  There is minimal discomfort and little to no downtime. Most patients receive 4-5 treatments per area for best results.


  • Hyperpigmentation, discoloration
  • Sun damage, freckles
  • Rosacea, broken capillaries

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venus hair removal treatment

Venus Hair Removal

Our Hair Removal technologies provide a non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment process to alter the growth cycle of body hair. This diverse treatment can be used on a wide variety of areas. It can safely and effectively treat all skin types and colors. With hair removal, you will free yourself from the endless cycle of shaving, waxing and
plucking while experiencing a 70-90% permanent removal of unwanted hair. A licensed laser technician will customize a hair removal treatment program specifically for you with the safest and most effective technology available.  The number of treatments vary by body site. 


  • Ingrown hairs
  • Removing unwanted hair
  • Saving time and money on shaving, waxing, plucking

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skin tightening treatment

Advanced Skin Tightening

Our DiamondPolar™ applicator uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields to produce uniform heat under the skin’s surface. This process helps to naturally increase collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in smoother, firmer skin that looks noticeably more youthful.
Venus Concept’s non-surgical wrinkle reduction treatments* work by enhancing your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin fibers, the two main building blocks of healthy, youthful skin.  Our advanced radio frequency technology is safe for all skin tones with no downtime.


  • Lifting and firming loose skin
  • Promoting lymphatic drainage
  • Improving fine lines and wrinkles

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acne therapy

AC Dual Acne Therapy

Venus Concept’s acne treatments use dual lights that heal existing acne-related inflammation while also destroying acne-causing bacteria in order to minimize future breakouts. 

Dual Acne Therapy is a quick treatment and produces no downtime.   Most patients receive a total of 8-16 treatments, scheduled twice a week for 4-8 weeks, depending on severity of acne condition.


  • Acne
  • Firming and tightening
  • Acne scars, wound scars, texture

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Skin Pen Microneedling Treatment

Skin Pen Microneedling

Also known as Collagen-Induction Therapy, microneedling is a minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that helps reduce the signs of aging, improves the appearance of acne or trauma scars and rejuvenates aging skin. SkinPen, the only FDA-approved microneedling device, creates controlled micro-injuries to the skin which stimulates the body’s natural wound-healing response. These injuries trigger the release of cytokines and growth factors that lead to the production of collagen and elastin. The SkinPen is most often used on the face, neck, and decolletage, but can be used on the arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back as well. The SkinPen can be used to improve stretch marks as well. This procedure is safe and effective for all skin types and colors. A topical anesthetic will be applied prior to the treatment for comfort.  Minimal side effects with little downtime. Recommended 3-6 sessions for best


  • Acne scars, texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks

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Visit www.skinpen.com to learn more



Dermaplaning is an exfoliation procedure in which a scalpel is used to remove the top layers of skin, thereby removing dead cells and vellus hair, treating fine lines, and improving superficial pigmentation irregularities. This treatment creates an instantly brighter, smoother appearance and allows skincare products and laser therapies to penetrate the skin more easily and effectively.

Recommended once per month for
best results.


  • Vellus hair removal
  • Dull, lackluster or uneven skintone
  • Fine lines and superficial irregularities

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hydrofacial treatment

Venus Glow

Our skin renewal device provides comfortable treatments that leave your skin immediately looking healthier, brighter, more revitalized, and hydrated.  

Venus Concept’s non-invasive facial renewal treatment provides a powerful tri-modality design to open up, deep-clean, and treat the pores.. Our facial renewal treatment can help with a number of skin concerns, including dull complexion, uneven skin tone, redness, and dehydration. Our facial renewal treatments are a perfect stand-alone treatment for an instant renewed skin appearance or can complement and enhance other skin care routines and therapies. Treatment can be repeated as often as  weekly.

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  • Dull skin
  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Monthly routine maintenance

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white teeth

Professional Teeth Whitening

By using a COVID-friendly patented mouth tray and a whitening accelerator laser light, tooth discoloration from years of staining foods, drinks, coffee, and tobacco products can be eliminated in a 30-minute session. This quick, safe, effective, and painless teeth whitening system filters out harmful UV and infrared light, leaving only a focused beam of cold light in the blue-cyan spectrum, which penetrates deep into the teeth, activating our professional whitening formula to its optimal potency. Results can last between 6 months to 2 years. No sensitivity and zero downtime following treatment. Treatment plans and results are based on individual discoloration and lifestyle. Treatment can be repeated every 4 weeks.


  • Brighter, whiter smile
  • Removing discoloration
  • Maintaining white teeth

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tan skin

Airbrush Spray Tanning

Professional Spray tanning is an easy and healthy way to maintain a great tan year-round.  It has none of the safety drawbacks of tanning beds, and it produces customizable, natural-looking results. Our Aloe Vera formula will help hydrate and nourish the skin to provide the ultimate lasting tan. Spray Tans will last 7-12 days (with proper care) before you notice significant fading. 


  • Getting a healthy tan
  • Nourishing skin

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alastin logo


ALASTIN Skincare® is the fastest-growing physician-dispensed skincare brand, with innovative, scientifically-proven and clinically-tested products. ALASTIN Skincare provides a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge products for optimal procedure results and daily skincare regimens. 

ALSATIN Skincare’s TriHex Technology®️, a patented blend of active peptides and botanicals that supports skin’s natural life cycle – promoting the benefits of recycling, rebuilding and replenishing the skin matrix in order to maintain a healthy glow and youthful appearance.


  • Glowing skin
  • Firming skin

Learn more at alastin.com/FaceForwardMedicalAesthetics

revitalash logo

RevitaLash Cosmetics

Original, one-of-a-kind, ophthalmologist-developed lash and brow products that enhance growth and protect against breakage, health, flexibility and strength. 

This award-winning brand is a proprietary blend of scientifically-advanced technology. Peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract condition and strengthen while simultaneously defending from environmental damage or other factors that may cause breakage and brittleness. Purchase products in our office at your next visit or to learn more, go to www.revitalash.com.


  • Producing more healthy, full lashes and brows
  • Strengthening and growing broken or brittle eyelashes
  • Improving the appearance of over-plucked brows


Viva RF Resurfacing

Face $499  3 for $1350
Neck  $599  3 for $1620
Face + Neck $899  3 for $2700

AC Dual Acne Therapy

2x/wk for 4 wks $125/wk
or 8 sessions for $800

2x/wk for 8 wks $95/wk
or 16 sessions for $1065

Advanced Skin Tightening

Face  $190  6 for $969
Neck $150  6 for $765
Face + Neck $300 6 for $1530

Custom IPL PhotoFacial

Face $199   3 for $510
Neck $249  3 for $635
Hands $149  3 for $380
Chest  $249   3 for $635
Arms  $199 3 for $510
Legs Upper  $249  3 for $635
Legs Lower  $249  3 for $635
Isolated Pigmented Lesions  $59  3 for $150

SkinPen Microneedling

1 @ $300
3 @ $800

Add on Neck $75
Add on Chest $150



NuFace Microcurrent Treatment $25
LED Light Dome $25

Venus Hair Removal

Small Area

1 @ $49
6 @ $255

Nose, Ears, Upper Lip, Areolas, Toes

Venus Hair Removal

Medium Area

1 @ $99
6 @ $510

Underarms, Bikini Line, Hands, Feet

Venus Hair Removal

Large Area

1 @ $149
6 @ $765

Brazilian, Buttocks, Upper or Lower Legs/Arms, Abdomen,
Chest, Upper Back and Shoulders, Lower Back, Full Beard, 
Full Neck

Venus Hair Removal

Extra Large Area

1 @ $249
6 @ $1275

Chest and Abdomen, Full back, Full Arms and Underarms

Venus Glow

Glow $129 3 for $349
GlowPlus 1 for $149 (two custom serums) or 3 for $450

Airbrush Spray Tanning

Deluxe $40
Premium $45
Elite $50

Professional Teeth Whitening

1 for $109
4 @ $399



Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Laser Skin Tightening, Laser Acne Therapy and IPL are considered non-surgical medical procedures. In order to maintain strict adherence to Texas Medical Board rule 193.17, a consultation with a board-certified physician is required prior to your appointment. This is required for all services and remains valid for 1 year from the date of your evaluation.

Additional Services

Please contact us to request pricing


Teacher Discount

teacher discount

As a former teacher herself, Angie extends a warm welcome to those in the field of education. She knows firsthand the amount of time, energy and effort exuded by our selfless teachers.   Angie is happy to provide a discount to encourage educators to feel and look their best, making self-care a priority. All teachers receive 10% off their service. 

Referrals + Review Program 


We know our business is best built by word of mouth and we would like to encourage our clients to refer friends and family with a 10% discount for referrals and positive-experience reviews. Please email us at angie@faceforward.info for more information to receive this rate. 

Glow Monthly Membership

clear, glowing skin

Become an exclusive Face Forward Glow Member when you enroll in our Glow Program.  For only $99/month, receive one personalized Venus Glow Treatment per month.  This savings of over $360/year is a great way to stay dedicated to your monthly, preventative skincare maintenance.

Our Team


Angie Wheeler, CLHRP

Founder / CEO

A graduate of Texas Laser Academy and Aesthetics, Angie holds the highest level of training in the cosmetic laser field.  She is currently triple certified with Laser Technician, Laser Senior and Laser Professional Licenses.  Angie is also a Licensed Laser Safety Officer.   

Her passion for the aesthetic industry grew when she moved to Austin from the east coast in 2011.  Angie is a lifelong learner and continues to grow her knowledge of the medical aesthetics industry by participating in continuing education courses to learn new techniques with the latest technology.  Her goal is to provide individual and results-driven skincare to each client to help them feel more confident in their own skin. 

Dr. Jill Spital

Dr. Jill Spital, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Jill Spital is a Board-Certified Physician who works as an Emergency Medicine Physician.  In addition to specializing in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Spital provides injections and fillers in our office.  Dr.  Spital works alongside Angie as the Medical Director, providing support for all medically-delegated services.

She is committed to treating all clients with a patient-centered approach, ensuring the safety of all treatments and in-office technology and assuring natural-looking results.

SpaKinect is an aesthetic telehealth service that works in conjunction with our  team to provide flexible and expeditious medical consultation evaluations.  

Click Here to View SpaKinect Instructions

What Our Clients Say 

“Angie customized a skincare regimen for me that has changed my skin game-plan! She is knowledgeable, focused on getting results, and passionate about helping others age well. Highly recommend!  I’ll be her client for life.” 
-Anne S.

“At 48 I thought I was too late in the game to try to improve anything about my appearance. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Angie, she had already assured me that it’s never too late! She is extremely knowledgeable, but in addition to that, she listened to my concerns and mapped out a plan to begin treatment without trying to add any additional services. I would highly recommend Angie for anyone seasoned in self-care, or those of us just beginning the journey!”  
– Kendria S.


  • A valid credit card is required on file to hold all appointments 
  • There is a minimum 24-hour notice cancellation policy.  Please call, text or email within 24hrs of appointment time to cancel or reschedule  
  • No-shows and appointments cancelled outside of the 24hr window will be charged 50% of the appointment value 
  • For those with prepaid packages, missed appointments will result in the redemption of that session 
  • If you are running late, please text or call.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment will need to be shortened or rescheduled 
  • All clients under the age of 18 will need a signed Parent/Guardian Consent form, and the parent must be present during the service 
  • For safety purposes, children are not allowed in the laser treatment room under any circumstances 
  • Retail products are non-refundable 
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the treatment room

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