Venus Hair Removal Pre/Post Care


Venus Hair Removal Pre/Post Care


  • Shave the area to be treated within 24 hours prior to your appointment. A $20 shaving fee will be incurred if you are not clean shaven.
  • Do not wax, pluck or use depilatories during your entire treatment series.
  • Avoid sun exposure for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Use SPF 30+daily and/or clothing to ensure coverage against UVB and UVA rays.
  • Do not use self-tanning products for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Discontinue use of Tretinoin products (Renova, Tretinoin, Retin-A, Tri-Luma, Solage) and Hydroquinone at least one week prior to treatment.
  • Disclose any medications you are taking to your provider to ensure they are not photo-sensitizing, which can increase your chances of burns.
  • Discontinue all antibiotics at least one week prior to treatment.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, it is recommended to begin prophylactic treatment no later than the day before your appointment.
  • Botox and fillers are recommended to be spaced out 2 weeks prior and/or 2 weeks post-treatment. Longevity of injections could be affected.


  • You may see small red bumps around the hair follicle. This is normal and expected. Do not pick, rub or scratch. Overall, your skin may be sensitive for several days following treatment.
  • Do not wax or tweeze the area during the treatment series.
  • Avoid using products with harmful chemicals and heavy fragrances.
  • Avoid Chlorinated pools for 24hrs.
  • Do not sunbathe or use a tanning bed for at least 2 weeks following your treatment. Wear a SPF 30+ and reapply often.
  • Avoid swimming, sweating, hot tubs, hot showers, and saunas for several days.
  • Exfoliate the area after 3 days. Shaving is a good way to exfoliate.
  • It may take several weeks for the hair to “fall out”. This time frame is normal.
  • Do not expect your hair to “not grow back”. Venus Hair Removal is a process and takes many sessions spaced apart at the right intervals.


Face & Neck: 4-6 weeks
Chest, Underarms, Ab Area, Brazilian/Bikini: 6-8 weeks
Full Legs and Back: 8-12 weeks

PLEASE NOTE: Venus Hair Removal is not 100% effective. Industry standard is 75-90% reduction in hair growth. Not all hairs will be destroyed. Changes in hormones may also cause hair to grow back over time. Consult your provider for questions or concerns.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 512.766.9396.

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